Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Ideal Guy

I just thought about this lately.. Do I have an " Ideal Guy"? I wanted to think of something that really catches my attention specially with guys..
1. Hair- long or short, it doesn't matter as long as he looks presentable with it.
2. Maitim or maputi? hmm.. White skinned or not, again it doesn't matter as long as he looks presentable.
3. Tall or short? Tall. Definitely.
4. Muscles or just plain thin? A little muscle would do..but not " Johnny Bravo"-like.. that's weird..I need a boyfriend, not a bouncer!! :)
5. Filipino or Foreigner? Haven't thought of it yet. :) for now, either of the two will do.
6. Bookworm or sporty? Combination. He should know interesting reads and good sports as well..specially sports that are involving speed ( Biking, horseback riding, car/drag racing, etc )
7. Mathematician or Scientist? Mathematician.
8. Quiet or noisy? Combination. Quiet in the right place and time. Noisy at the right place and time too.
9. Humorous- Make me laugh. That's my weakness.
10. Sensitive-knows how I feel even if I don't speak.
11. Smart- He must be good at things that I'm poor at.
12. Killer smile ( who wouldn't want a man who smiles at you and makes you feel like you're the most beautiful girl in this world? )
13. Strong personality- I find guys with a strong personality very challenging. I'm the type who likes challenge so I go for stronger men.
14. Snob- Yes. I don't like guys who talks to anyone and everyone. I just like the feeling of " OMG, she's so lucky that guy's talking to her.. "
15. Sexy- I like sexy guys. For me, being sexy is being confident. :) So yeah, confident would be synonymous to what I mean.

All in all, I want a Man. Not a guy. Definitely not a BOY. Matured. Strong. Sensitive. A man who takes care of his woman. A man who finds his woman a necessity than plainly a " want ".

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