Thursday, February 19, 2009

People just come and go..

I know right? Yeah.. people just come and go.. you meet someone then becomes part of your life and your daily routine..then he goes. That’s normal. I might feel bad now..because..honestly speaking, I don’t know.. But then, there would always be a reason why that person wouldn’t be part of my future.. Whether it’s my fault or not. But I’m not sorry that the good thing just came to an end without me knowing why.. ( he never told me’s his right ) I’m just happy that it happened.. Look, I am really not talking about romantic stuff… I am speaking in a confused person’s point of view. I never know..and never will I. I wouldn’t assume or guess…that’s it. I am kinda upset that somehow, I felt that I wasn’t even valued. If there is a problem, I should have known first because that person had been close to me. But it already happened so why the hell should I care? Enough of this. If he’s got a problem, I have mine too. I look happy, yes. But come on pare, you’re so unfair. And aside from that, I wouldn’t care if you wanna leave..but HE AIN’T TALKING TO ME.His problem has nothing to do with me. So why am I like the one to blame in all these? At times, I just miss the person who called me his “Tiffany”.. simply because he knows…he knows what I have to know..he knows how I feel..he knows my why’s behind my what’s. He knows me. And I guess, he’s the only one who ever will. At first, I got scared that I am slowly getting confused about all these crappy feelings and thoughts inside my head. But then, I just realized today that there’s nothing to be confused about. He can’t be the person to take care of me..simply because he doesn’t know how to. While the person who’s been faraway for quite sometime still knows how to be there despite the distance… And he never blamed me for anything..from the start. I really don’t know..but at times I think I am alone…and I want to run to the arms of the man who called me his “Tiffany” specially at times like these when I get all messed up… I’m not saying that I want to stay with him… but he’s my secret hiding place when I want to run away. I just thought I wouldn’t be needing him anymore just because I am enjoying the company of this new person in my life. I admit, I sometimes forget to check his emails because I’m enjoying so much… But then… it’s not right after all…because the new person wouldn’t be able to be with me everytime…and that’s because he didn’t want to.. so here I am..missing the arms of the long gone man who called me his “Tiffany”.. I am so sorry that I thought I’ll be ok finding a new person who somehow, someway inspired me .. I have wronged….. :’(

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