Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grade 3

OMG!! I am so amazed by how internet helps people find the people that they are looking for!! First, for the nth time I will be mentioning, I found JOVY ANNE QUERUBIN, who was my classmate in grade 1 ( San Lorenzo Ruiz in Cainta). And also Mon Tejam who was my classmate in Kindergarten ( Kostka ) and then Aaron Carlo Ricafort who was my classmate in grade 3 ( Trinitas School in Bulacan )...and it doesn't end there!! Imagine, I've been thinking about my classmates during those grades for years now and I can't believe that I'm finding them and vice versa!!haha.. :) i found Jovy here in Multiply and the rest were from friendster. Ace found me through google search and I'm so happy thet he did find me ( Luckily, I decide to put my real name in my friednster account. I used to put only my " work " name there ) and from there, I got to see how my other classmates in Bulacan were doing. Particularly, Ma. Elizabeth S.P. Kim ( Korean ) hehehe.. We were really close friends back then and classmates for 2 years in Trinitas. We have a lot of meories together and I so missed her!! :) OMG..and now, we got the chance to talk again and reminisce the days when we were classmates.. We had a little talk abouthow each of were doing and we got back to those lovelife thingies in garde 3 ( Ace, if you read this...just laugh at it... I'm laughing at it too..hahahaha ). Oh, well..haha.. Did I mention that Ace was actually my crush in Grade 3?? Why? He is smarter than me.hahahaa... And he said he has a crush on me too back then..hahahahaha.. OMG..*blush* hahahaha... And then there were other friends that I found like Honeylet and Kae who were my classmates and neighbors way back then..hahaha.. And Elizabeth mentioned someone named Lean who knows me or remembers me rather, unfortunately, I can't remember him much..maybe we weren't close.But anyway, as Elizabeth described him, he was a bully in the class..hahaha... OMG!!! Like gosh!! I am so happy right now to have found these people!! It's such a wonder how internet connects people!!hahaha.. :)

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