Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just finished reading Sophie Kinsella’s other book, Shopaholic and Sister and after reading the book, I just came to so much realizations. I have a sister and I know how it feels like for the main character, Rebecca “Becky” Bloomwood to always want someone to talk to about things and have a Soulmate as she calls it, someone who would be just like you: like the things you like, love the things you love and hate the things you hate. I was crying while I was reading the book ( OMG, this happens to me all the time… I always get carried away with books and movies ) because I can see myself in Becky’s situation. There had been a lot of things going on between me and my younger sister ( by the way, in the book, Becky is younger than her sister, Jess ) .There were differences that at times we really cannot stand and we end up arguing. I think that’s normal. I came to think about listing all the things that are different between me and my sister( physical ,hobbies, mental, etc. ) Here’s the list:

1. I have curly hair, she has straight hair
2. I’m fair skinned, she’s tan
3. I’m short, she’s tall
4. I love chemistry, she hates it.
5. I love reading, she doesn’t.
6. I like staying at home, she loves going out.
7. I love being with my family, she loves being with friends.
8. I don’t like drinking, she’s a drinker
9. I always go home on time and she doesn’t.
10. When I was studying, I made sure that my grades are above average in all subjects, she likes to be a mediocre.
11. I am a quiz bee representative all the time, while she’s in cheering.
12. I wake up early, she wakes up late.
13. I can’t cook, she’s good at cooking.
14. I love computers and networking, she doesn’t.
15. I love cameras, she loves cell phones.
16. I love slow rock and hip hop , she’s more into acoustic.
17. I love English books and she loves tagalong movies and pocketbooks.
18. I’ve only had 5 boyfriends, she’s had a lot. ( OMG! )
19. I’m a shorts girl, she’s a jeans girl.
20. I love strong colors ( hot pink, red ) and she loves light colors
21. I play the flute, she doesn’t play any instrument.
22. She has a lot of friends, I have only a few.
23. She loves texting, I don’t.
24. She loves perfumes, I’m allergic to it.

But then, of course, we also have a lot in common:

1.We have the same hair color ( Dark Brown )
2. We both have long hair.
3. We both love makeup.
4. We have the same eye color ( Dark Brown )
5. We love clothes and shopping
6. We love comfy seats and beds.
7. We both love music.
8. We love romantic films.
9. We get carried away with movies and end up crying while watching
10. We are both snobs. ( But not bitches ok? )
11. We both love mom, dad and my lil brother.
12. We share one bed.
13. We love pillows.
14. We love eating.
15. We love malling ( same with mom )
16. We love out of towns.
17. We have the same zodiac sign.
18. We love starbucks.
19. We both love Oreos.
20. We both love choco-chip cookies.
21. We both love Milk.( Low Fat )
22. We both have long time friends.
23. We have a lot of boy-friends.
24. We were both feature writers in our elementary school paper.
25. We were both choirs.
26. We both know how to ride bikes.
27. We both love our Grandmas. ( May and Nanay )
28. We are both quiet at first but fun to be with.

But all in all, it's fun to have a sister. We may have a lot of differences but we make sure that we do our best to stay together...We are the best of friends and she's the person that I talk to when I have a troubled mind or when I wanna cry and I don't want anybody else to know. She gives me the best advise and I love her way of making me relax when I can't control things the way I wanted to. Like the character in the book, I would do anything and everything for my sister..I can give my life to her..that's what sisters are for right?

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