Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally, He Met My Cousin and Bestfriend

Yesterday, I was out with my Honey and we spent time together from 10:00 am til 2:00 am the following day. We went to Trinoma to meet up with my cousin Angel and my bestfriend Marky. It had been a long time since I last saw my cusin and my bestfriend. Reason why we met up with them? I set up a blind date between my cousin and my bestfriend. We met up at Starbux 2nd floor, grabbed some frapp and left my cuz and besty to have a honey and I went to People are People to check stuff and then we went back to have dinner. We ate at Taco Bell and we had a long chat...My cousin was telling them about our we became cousins, what we do when we were kids, our cousins aand uncles and aunts and also the naughty things we do... My cousin also informed them about our family's origin..a blend of Filipino-Chinese-Russian, our province here and how many we are in the family.. After that, around 9 pm, we went to the Cinema and watched Transformers. It was really fun!!! I so loved the movie... After the movie, we took my cousin to the cab then off the three of us to take a bus going home. It was really fun!!! I really missed my besty and my cuz.. :-) My Honey and I went to Jollibee-Pilar to have breakfast before going home. He had fun too.. He's the first boyfriend I've ever introduced to my cousin and besty...It went well, my cousin liked him!!yippie!!hehehehe... so did my sister when they met for the first time the other day.. :-) Hope things continue to go well between us. :-)

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