Sunday, June 21, 2009

When the ex gets way too far...

I was with Mark last night. We attended mass, had dinner at Brooklyn then went to Soma to drink. We were having fun when all of a sudden, he received a text from an unknown number... His ex-girlfriend Nikki. Nikki was asking for her Transcript of Records from Mark. Honestly speaking, I got pissed. This ain't the first time she texted Mark about something that is very much unimportant. I'm a girl too, I've been an ex and a girlfriend and I find it really nonsense to ask for stuff which you are supposed to have known already. First, she texted Mark the day that we got together officially. She wanted Mark to talk to her because she just wanted to tell him personally that she's got a new boyfriend already. Then, after that Mark and I are about to watch a movie when her cousin texted to ask if he can join them just for the same reason that Nikki wanted to declare personally that she's got someone new. Lastly, huh...last night... she texted again looking for something that she should have kept since it was her document not Mark's. I find it irresponsible of her to be looking for things from other people. First of all, she should have known where her belongings are. Second, Mark is not a locker room that she still owns to still be looking for her stuff from him. Third, she's an ex. Ex means past so why expect the person to entertain her. She called me disrespectful and insecure. Honestly speaking, if I was disrespectful, I could have told her straight to just shut up and do her thing and stop bugging MY BOYFRIEND. If I was insecure, I could have just been so damn jealous about her. The hell...who does she think she is?? First of all, I wouldn't care to be insecure from a girl who is two years older than me who doesn't have an attitude that matches her age. I don't have any ex who would say that I've been careless about my things or my actions. Not only that, if I had broken up with someone, I wouldn't even dare have anymore communication until about a year to make sure that I don't act as if I wanted to reconcile. Plus, I don't really make friends with exs..simply beacuse there's no use to do that. And I never ever ever would ask my ex to meet up with me just for me to say that I have a new guy, that is so immature and a complete NONSENSE!!!
I was about to reply to what she said. Good thing Mark stopped me. I was crying because I'm mad. Mark replied and said that he gave everything back to her already and that she had to be careful with her choice of words. She replied again with a very long text saying that if I had respected her, we could have got along. Come on!! I would never be friends with my boyfriend's ex and I don't have friends who are as air-headed as she is. My friends are matured, hardworking, loyal and fun to be with. She can never belong.

If an ex goes too far, how would you feel and waht would you do?

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