Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Always A Full Moon

From My Honey's Notes in Facebook:

Always A Full Moon

Yesterday at 2:56pm

Since May, I have noticed that every 9th of the month is a full moon night.What is a full moon and what magic does it have?By definition, it is the lunar phase of the moon when it is fully illuminated by the sun and geometrically speaking when it is graphed, the tangent slope is zero... a perfect circle. (Mike, bro, paki-confirm kung tama ito. Hehe.)It's just a like a person who I'm with right now... Probably not a perfect person but someone just about perfect for me. She does some magic... instead though of turning me into a vampire or werewolf, I just go crazy and have lots of fun with her even to our wildest imaginations.During our class, she would just pass right in front of me and not minding my smile. I would even steal a glance of her right across our room. Just like the moon at its fullest glow... I pause for at least 3 seconds just to be amazed of the marvelous sight.She has this subtle radiance that only the closest would appreciate. Though unlike the moon, she can be brighter than what the sun can provide. She never fails to bring happiness and joy in my life no matter what the circumstance is. When the moon turns around, it disappears but when she turns around, it will always be something better.And every 9th of the month, I can't wait to see that full moon glow wishing that I have a tripod to capture that perfect moment (@ f11 iso100... singit ko lang! Hehe.). But the best part is, I have that full moon almost every night to start my day, to make things brighter, to ease up and be cozy, to hug and to cherish, and just to be amazed all over again.To be honest with you, upto now, I would steal glances and stares at her. And when she catches me, she would just say "whaaaaaaat....?!" then the rest is history!Can't wait to celebrate our hundredth day honey... :-* Tomorrow is going to be another full moon night... ;-)

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