Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday Night at Empire

I was @ Empire Superclub last Friday with MArk..OMG.PARTY!!!!!hahahah.. It was a Playboy event and OMG, there were a lot of Bunnies!!hahaha.. The music's cool too.. Honey and I took crazy pics and all that!!hahahaha... It was fun..we danced and drank..Oh boy!!haven't done that in a while. I was the one who invited him to go there. There were free shirts and magazines from Playboy!!!Plus really hot models. :-) It's a good thing that my Honey and I aren't that much of a jealous type. I mean, we get along really well... hahahahah.... Some would say that it's not normal to invite your boyfriend to party or go to events where there would be a lot of girls. I say that's just for the insecure type. I felt insecure once but that's it. He also is not the kill-joy type who would tell me not to party or anything. No. So it's nice that we're both open about such things..and he wants to go with me!!hahhaahah.... Like it's just the two of us and it was never a boring night out. :-)

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