Friday, July 17, 2009

How Do I Feel Right Now?

Right now, I can say that I feel really THANKFUL. Thankful that I've got a MAN hwo knows how I am. I admit, I'm hard to be with: moody, exaggerated, naughty, playful, jealous... I have a tendency to freak out and all... But this MAN that I'm with just got a way with me. He knows how to blend with every single mood that I have. He can justlaugh at my exaggeration, be as naughty and playful as I am and gives me assurance that I don't have to be jealous of anyone. Our zodiac signs doesn't match. He's a Scorpio, I'm a Gemini. Total opposites. He has a stable mind while I change decisions every now and then. We both have strong personalities but we don't clash. It's also nice that his mom was a Gemini of thesame month as I am, believe it or not, it did help. My mom is a Scorpio like him, too--also of the same month as he is. It's a coincidence that we grew up with these people with extreme personalities so we know how to blend with each other. It's not a perfect relationship that we have. We fight. We argue. We have insecurities. But those things would be nothing compared to the happiness we give each other every single day that we talk, text, hug and kiss. This relationship is what I call A REAL RELATIONSHIP. We have pride but it doesn't hurt to say SORRY at times. We both have insecurities but it doesn't hurt to say that YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE FOR ME. And lastly, WE ARE INLOVE AND WE'RE PROUD OF IT. It's not easy to overcome the fact as well that we've been through several relationships but of course, this can never be compared to anything before. I'm not saying I found the PERFECT partner...or maybe THE ONE. What I'm trying to say is that... HE MAKES ME HAPPY... THANK GOD I FOUND YOU HON... :-*

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