Sunday, July 5, 2009

Iced Tea

I was with the monkey last night. I was so happy to see him but unfortunately, we had a fight last night because of Iced Tea... I wanted to pay for his iced tea and he doesn't want to. I was insistent simply because he kept on paying for everything all the time. I'm shy... I really don't like people spending for me...I mean, not all the time. Let me do some stuff sometimes. That was my point. I've been with guys who have money and sad to say..they don't let me spend for them as well.. at times, I feel useless. I understand his point that he's the guy and as much as he can, he wanted to be the one to spend for dates. But iced tea only costs P20.00 and it won't hurt me if I pay for that. Now, we attended the mass and I wasn't talking. I wasn't talking because I don't want any further arguement. I was making the excuse that maybe.....he was tired that's why he gets pissed easily. I'm not the type who would fight fire with fire. If he's upset, I wanna be quiet so we don't get into heated arguments speacially if it was just about Iced tea. But he was forcing me to speak and I lost my temper already. I told him that I'm ok. He's tired. He's just tired and I'm making up his own excuse in my mind just so I would understand. Because if I start to ask we would end up fighting. I would end up ranting about his actions lately. I told him the night before that he's becoming cold...then, before he hung up the phone the night before, he didn't say I LOVE YOU which he ususally does. It was not like I'm demanding that he stays sweet all the time.. But I just noticed little things because he seemed different. I understand that he's promoted. Not taking calls anymore, doing a whole lot more than just fixing schedules but he has to tell me if he is tired so I'd be able to adjust. I'm easy to talk to. If he has a problem, I can behave well and just listen. But he's not doing it. I'm not complaining.. I'm just saying I'm trying my best to understand. I'm trying my best to be mature about things. I'm trying my best in this relationship. It was jus Iced tea.... It was just Iced tea... :'-(

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