Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mark and Anj

A message for Mark :-)
Honey, You know I love you so much...I've been through relationships and this one, I can say is the best I've ever had. I know I'm hard to deal with...I'm moody, I'm sensitive and childish.I admit I'm also hard-headed at times but you deal with me very well. You just don't know how much I appreciate your efforts from the time he and I ended til the time we got together and how you and I would have to follow curfews and at times I'd have to escape from mom just to see you...OMG. I'm not the only one exerting effort this time. YOU EXERT MORE THAN WHAT I DO and I thank you for that... You never fail to make me smile at my worst moods..and you take care of me like I'm always VIP. I love you hon..and you make me fall even more inlove with you.. :-)

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  1. Hi honey! Got to read this just now. I had to upload kze some pics for printing.

    So yun... I do love you and I do appreciate you. I feel that we're so inlove because we are always eager to see each other no matter what. We even fought about me being late for 20mins. Hehe. Ü That's fine. You just make my day so much brighter with just one smile of yours. Even though I have my mood swings, you never fail to make my mood end up in a better way. So just continue to stay sweet and all else will be sweeter. Mwah! :-*

    Btw, I like this set... parang lagi akong tulog ah. Hehehe. Ü