Thursday, July 2, 2009


** The monkey knows how to crack jokes. He doesn’t just crack jokes infront of me, he cracks them wildly infront of me…like seriously, he’s got that uber weird smile with deep dimples as he cracks the joke making me feel more like an idiot getting confused about the punchline of his jokes. Don’t wanna be called slow at any point. He makes me laugh hard later on after realizing what the joke was about.

** The monkey knows how to force me in a not-so-obvious way. When I say this, he says that then without having much of a conversation, I hear myself saying “yes” to what he said.

** The monkey loves watching movies. I’m a movie buff and I just so love watching films specially those about love, girl power and a little of action and comedy. The monkey loves to watch too. We watch any movie that we thought was nice. And what surprised me is that he watches John Lloyd Cruz movies. OMG.

** The monkey eats a lot. I have a poor appetite and I have to be with someone who eats for me to be able to eat. The monkey eats a lot and being with him means I’d have to eat 3 times a day, 2 of which would include rice. He likes leaving the plate clean as well.

** The monkey loves being with me. I know I’m bitchy sometimes and that I am unstable with most decisions. I go with whatever, whenever, however. And each time I had this stupid feeling of being too attached, I just wanted to move out because I don’t want to suffocate the person I’m with. But the monkey is too patient and still wanted to be with me. I just wish I could be more stable with things and that I can love without hurting him.

** The monkey begins and ends my day. First thing I see when I open my eyes would be his text message telling me a lot of I miss you’s, I love you’s and Take Care’s.. Hugs and kisses and plans for our relationship… It’s just awesome to begin the day with sweet nothings from a person who means everything to me. And by the end of the day, before I close my eyes and go to sleep, the last thing I see would be a text message coming from him about something we talk about or just a simple kiss.

** The monkey protects me. He does little things to make me feel secured, safe and protected. Little things like the helmet, the stares, holding my hand or even just hugging me. I feel protected like a little child. I just so love the feeling.

** The monkey makes me loose my sanity. He does things that drives me nuts…in a positive way. He has his way with me. He doesn’t care how or maybe he just knows how. I don’t know… But it’s nice to be out of control’s nice to loosen up sometimes..and I do it unnoticeably, simply because he makes me loose my sanity when I’m with him.

It’s nice that I met the monkey and is still with him til now.. Love you Monkey. xoxo

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