Sunday, August 16, 2009

100th @ Island Cove

We went to Island Cove Last weekend to celebrate our 100th day together. Few days before, we really don't know where to go Zambales, Galera... But then, he decided to try out Island Cove since the place is just near and convenient for both of us. 5am, I left the house to meet him @ 7-11 Pilar. He came a few minutes after I came and so we were able to leave early.We took the jeepney then mini bus ( btw, the mini bus is sooooooo cool! ) and in no time, we were in Island Cove already. We got ourselves a room (154) and as soon as we got there, we dropped our stuff and went to the restaurant there to eat. They have great food( OMG, the Pancakes..yum!yum! ). :-) After eating, we decided to go for a short walk and we got to the fishing village and outside the zoo then back to our room. He was asleep for a long time and well, as demanding as I am... I got pissed and I left. I went out and explored the place by myself. I was so stubborn. I got pissed because he was sleeping the whole time after but good thing, we had things fixed before bedtime. I fell asleep that night and woke up around 4am.We were watching TV and after, we had breakfast at the restaurant.I loved the fish fillet that they serve for the buffet.After eating, we decided to head to the Zoo.The zoo was quite big and I felt really small ( did I tell you I have what you call FEAR OF BIG THINGS--like literally, large animals,large statues, large boat... ) We went inside the butterfly house and as we continue to walk, we saw cute animals and scary ones the Tiger..Oh my, I can't even look at it!! He took pics of the Tigers, Ostriches and other animals too... Then, we headed to the Crocodile and Monkey farm and as we got inside, a man started handing us a little crocodile. He was forcing me to carry it have a picture taken..but no thanks!!! Honey had his taken and I just loved my shot using his Nikon DSLR. :-) As we walked, we had our Manong tour guide and he told us lots about their crocs there. After the zoo, we went swimming in the pool then we tried the jacuzzi. :-) He had pics of me taken!!!!! hahahahahahah... We left around 2pm and took the mini bus again going to SM Bacoor. We ate @ Shakeys and we ended up being so full again. I love their Pizza Bianca by the way. :-) We got to ATC just in time for Mass so we attended the Mass then we watched Bea Alonzo's "And I Love You So"--call us cheesy but we say the movie would be two thumbs up for us!!! :-) He was laughing at me as I got teary-eyed with some scenes and I was laughing at him because some things there reminds me of him... Like waking me up just in time for me to go to work, he doesn't know how to dance but I force him to, some sentiments that he doesn't want to be second placer in my heart, he was my BUB before we became together and we drank as well with me telling him how broken-hearted I was, etc... After that we decided to go home already and after a few texts, we fell asleep. :-) It was a nice weekend for both of us. We had time to talk and be with each other. It was fun and romantic. Definitely a HAPPY 100th TO US!!! :-* Cheers!! :-)

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