Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just Had A Movie Marathon With HIM

Yesterday, it was our 3rd Month together. :-) We had a movie marathon. We watched G.I. Joe and The Proposal. I swear, both movies are great!!!!! :-)

Around 1:30 he picked me up @ SM Southmall and we headed to ATC. We got the movie tickets first and OMFreakin' Lord..The line was so long!!!!! We saw an actor by the way...Joross Gamboa.hahahaha.... :-) Anyway, after getting the movie tickets, we headed to the food court and we ate at Sizzling Plate( is that the name? ) Anyway, we got sisig and salisbury steak and both were yum yum!! :-) We were so full after!!!

Around 3:15 we were inside the cinema already and G.I. Joe's about to start. :-) There were really hot woman soldiers and oh boy!! I wish I was one of them!! The movie finished around 5:15 pm, just in time for Mass.

After Mass, we ate ice cream at Sebastian's and it was really good!! :-)I had Chocoholics and he had Up All Night flavor. :-) After ice cream, we headed back to the cinema and watched The Proposal. Laugh trip!!! :-) It was really funny like Miss Congeniality adn the love story was amazing!!!! I'd like to commend Sandra Bullock for giving justice to her role!!! :-) She was great!! :-)

After the movie, we headed back home because I have a curfew...10 pm. :-( But anyway, I had fun being with the Monkey. :-) hahahahhahaa.. and I did enjoy the movies!! Thanks Monkey!! :-*

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