Friday, August 7, 2009

Nothing Could Be Better Than To Have A Loving Mom

I am proud to be me. Not because of whatever I have: my achievements, my job, my friends, my strong faith… I am proud to be me because I know, despite my failures in life, despite my immaturity… my never endless tantrums and all—I have a Mom…who listens, understands, believes and loves me. I am lucky. Growing up without a father maybe tough, but I have a mom who does the job. She worked hard to be able to send us to school, she was able to feed us and she was able to teach us much more about life than staying at home and studying our lessons. When Cory Aquino died and I was given the chance to listen to how Kris Aquino spoke about her Mom, I was so touched. Cory brought her 5 kids up after her husband, Ninoy Aquino died and I know, it’s really a tough job. It made me remember all that my Mom and I had been through…We had quarrels and misunderstandings but through all that, she never let me down when I need someone who would listen and understand..give me advice and believe in what I can do. She’s my biggest fan when I was a writer, she’s my inspiration why I want to be good in the things that I want to do. She might nag at me from time to time but I know, it’s for my own good and I so appreciate all her honesty. When she tells me that I don’t act or speak much like a girl, I appreciate that because she’s just teaching me the proper etiquette… She wanted me to be presentable to everyone. When she tells me to fix my bed everytime I get up, that’s just fro cleanliness and orderliness in my room. When she tells me to choose my friends, that’s just because she wanted me to be with the people whom I can trust. When she tells me to take responsibility of my actions, that’s just to teach me to be matured with my decisions. When she tells me to let go of things or people, that’s just to make me strong and a better person. I am so happy that there’s one person in my life who would always tell me things in full honesty of what I can’t hear from others, even if it might hurt me at first. I am blessed to have such a Mom who would not give the world to me but would do anything just to take care of me even if I can’t have the world. I thank her so much for everything. I might not be able to tell her how much, but reason being is that words aren’t enough to thank her for my life…for all that I have learned from her. I love her so much…. And that I wouldn’t exchange her for anything the world. Love you Mom!! :-*

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