Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some of My Favorite Texts from HIM...( Part 1 )

1.Hmm.. Lemme start with the eyes and that soft smile..Killer! Lub-dub agad ito! When we were getting to know each other na, nasabi ko sa sarili ko na totoo itong taong to and down to earth. Carry niya lahat.. 05/03/09 6:48

2.Eyes.. you have a nice round pair with a tantalizing stare. Smile.. lalo na yung half smile na parang nasa multiply ko. It's so sweet. :-) 05/03/09 06:55

3.Naku hon.. Khit gising ako may daydreammoments ito! I'll follow in a bit. Sleep tight and sweet dreams!Mwah! Mmmmwah!Mmmmmmmmmwah! :-* :-* :-* 05/10/09 01:28

4.Hon, I guess your sleeping na.. You sleep well coz I know we had a tiring yet fun weekend. Just wanna let you know that I can't get over it yet.. Keep smiling coz I'll be smiling back at you. Sweet dreams my love.. Mwah! :-* 05/18/09 02:16

5.Honey ko, The only request I ask from God is to be with a person na makakasundo ko. Meaning in a way who I can accept for who she is and who wopuld accept me for who I am. I'm a mean person at times and I can be an asshole but with you, keri lng. Sometimes when I don't get what I want, I persuade or worse, be childishbut with you, we give way to each other. I know I nag but probably because you knwo your mom well, nadidiskartehan mo ko. Hehe. ;-) But yeah lovig you is an easy thing and I don't know if I'll ever fall out of love with you.. You really wanna know why I always look at you?Coz looking in your eyes gives me the assurance that you're happy with me and that's all I need for me to love you more. 05/29/09 10:26

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