Friday, August 21, 2009

The Worst

I had the worst mood yesterday.. I swear.. I don't even want to go home...I was so upset... But it's a good thing that I have people around me, though very few, but they LOVE ME. Competition is tough...and it hurts when you are related. Why bother being in a field where I am? I am just an ordinary girl,my dad died when I was 8 and I have been struggling with this life since then... I did not pass the UPCAT because of the courses I chose, but I got a scholarship from Arellano University. If they don't know the University, it's not because it's not a good University to go to but because they are ignorant of the world...That sometimes, little Universities produce good people. I was a nursing student, by choice. Not because I want to but the reason behind it is my Mom. I wanted to please her because she worked so damn hard-ALONE to be able to send us to school. I graduated in a public school but it's fine. My mom was able to feed us 3 times a day and even more. We had clothes and shoes. We had books. That was enough. :-) YOU are one lucky person because YOU get you way easily. YOU have graduated. YOU finished the course I used to have. YOU graduated with honors higher than what I have attained. That is fine. I wouldn't care. I don't want to compete with YOU. Not because I can't. We both know that. Reason is, we shouldn't be competing. We both know we are good and it's not worth it if we compete, it's nonsense. YOU have an option, I don't. And to tell you, I am struggling til now. HAPPY? Tell that to the world. That might satisfy ALL OF YOU!!!

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