Friday, September 25, 2009

I am starting to have this instinct.

I don't want to be paranoid or something but I think he's got another woman. I really don't want to act this way but GOD. He has changed. He used to text me when he goes out just to inform me that he has arrived to where he's supposed to go.He used to be early and doesn't make me wait. He used to email as soon as he got to his station and he used to text me as soon as he wakes up but no. He doesn't anymore. He doesn't. Is this heading to a break up already? I hate being suspicious about anything. I can't feel this way. This will ruin what we supposed to have. I am trying to fight this feeling but hell... I DO FEEL THIS WAY!!!!!! I've heard from him that there were women in his office which had been linked to him or something. I saw women being added in his facebook. I heard him talk about someone before which made me jealous. And I don't think I trust him that much anymore. He hasn't texted me yet. We are supposed to go to the doctor today but I bet he's drunk. Can't go. Is this how thing are after 4 months???? Is this how big things could change? I don't want to talk to him now. I really don't. I am so mad. I am so upset. I tell him my whereabouts from the time I step in the place but he doesn't anymore. He doesn't and I don't like it.

I AM MAD!!!!!

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