Friday, October 9, 2009

Back To School

My sister’s graduating already by March. Oh boy! I’m excited!! She’s gonna be the first graduate in my family!! And I’m proud that I have contributed to it because I sent her to College and I’m proud that she’s about to get over and done with College and she’s off to face a new life. Other than that, I will be back to College soon. Probably this summer or by June.

I’ve made up my mind on things like the course and College and my schedule and my job. Mom and I agreed that I would be studying at Las Piñas College (LPC) which is convenient for me because my house is near the school. My lil bro goes there and he’ll be in Grade 4 by that time I guess. He’ll get a discount if I enroll there. The course will be B.S. Psychology not Nursing. Why? Probably that had shocked some people who knows me because they would feel that I gave up something I’m good at. I used to be a Nursing Scholar in Arellano University but upon attending the classes, I realized I’m not for Nursing. I am meant for a different job. Over the years I thought about Mass Communications, Advertising, Business Administration, HRM… but they all led me to one thing that caught my interest way back… which is Psychology.

I realized when I had that subject in Nursing, that it is important to know how the human mind works. Not just the function of each cell or membrane but other than that would be the attitudes, habits, fears of humans which we try to understand and conquer every day. Most people does not pay attention to the mind and the brain, not understanding how vital it is to do so because it’s the command center of the body. No brains, No gain.

Aside from realizing what I wanted to do, I also planned on how I would continue working in a Call Center. It might not be easy, but who told you anything’s that easy in life? And besides, I have a dream to be the all-around student so it won’t hurt to study and work at the same time. I promise to make good grades, too.

I am pretty excited to get a life. I’m done with partying and going out. I have a steady relationship now ( Well, we’ve been together for 5 months now and I think that’s pretty serious already—compared to previous relationships that I had. I’m such a bad girl you know!) Anyway, back to school is exciting!!!! I missed reading and reviewing for exams. I’ve always been a good student you know. But I think I’ll be better now. 

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