Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Best Thing

What could be the " Best Thing" in this life?

The best thing in life could be nice hair and nails
Expensive clothes or body care
Limos or mansions
Or maybe everybody's attention

The best thing could be
Popularity and Power
TV interviews or owning a tower
Or maybe jewelries and nights out with Celebrities
Big parties or simply a lot of money

But the best thing can't be defined
By all those physical things we have in mind
For all can vanish in a glimpse
Or a wink of an eye

The "Best Thing" is the air which allows me to breathe
And all that I see which brings undefined joy to me
It's sun and the flowers
All we have in nature
It's the friends that we have
Who would love us even more later
It's the lover's honesty
The peace of mind
It's you parents' care
And sincerity you seldom find
It's you friend's loyalty
And your people's trust
Those are the Best Things in life
Which we would later on find...would be a MUST.

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