Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ocean Park

Been to Ocean Park again last Sunday. :-) Was with Honey to celebrate our 5th month. Before that day, we had a fight over a "wedding" hahahaha... Well, guess we're both crazy to be fighting over things that are already "over" hahaha... Almost led to a break up because he wouldn't stop... But good thing is that we were able to fix it. It was crazy to have such argument with him. Not so used to fighting over things. Jealousy would be one big factor why two people in a relationship fight. But anyway, as soon as I saw him..the indifference vanished. I just love him so much that I could forget he's ill tempered and jealous... unlike me, he doesn't want to talk about exes..and he's also rude at times... hahahhaha... so after forgiving and forgetting, we went to Ocean Park to continue with the celebration.

Ocean Park is a nice place to relax and unwind. Saw a lot of sea creatures and we just loved the Dancing Jellyfish part. :-) We satyed there long and just enjoyed the cool lights that change colors every now and then...very much like us... we change moods but it would look better if we dance to whatever the tune is.Sometimes, being in a relationship is equal to sacrificing, being patient and understanding, forgiving, forgetting... and never ending love and gratitude.It's not gonna be a relationship if we do not experience those. It can't be perfect... but at least, we should give it a try.

I love the person I'm with now. Even if I say he once fell inlove with a WITCH..or even if he's sometimes coño speaking...or if he insists that La Salle is better than Ateneo...or even if he says that I should do this and that... Oh Gosh! There would be a lot of things which I thought I wouldn't like about him.. but here I am... describing how Bad Ass he is..but still... cannot go on with my life without him... :-)

Love you hon.. Happy 5th Month again.. :-*

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