Friday, October 9, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Gosh!!! I sooooo loved the movie!!! It was awesome. For one, I have applied the knowledge to how I handle courtship and relationship before I even saw the movie. I can relate. Like what Gerard Butler had been advising to Kathryn Heigl about men..oh GOSH!! I've heard that a thousand times already!!!

The movie was about a girl named Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) who is a producer of a show in a local channel and she was very successful, smart and pretty...but down side is.. she's SINGLE. She had an ideal guy which she happened to meet in her neighborhood and she thinks, he's PERFECT. In order to get the perfect man, she had a deal with Mike Chadway( Gerard Butler ) who hosts the segment called "The Ugly Truth" which discussed more about how men think. Getting some really cool advice from him, she got the man of her dreams only to realize later that they already fell for each other. Mike left the show and moved to another channel and Abby, being bitter about Mike not confessing his feelings aired on TV how much she hates men for being coward to admit the fact that they fall inlove too. Mike, upon hearing that, went up to her in the hot air balloon, all seen on TV, the balloon flew with them and there, they had forgiven each other and finally, they got together.

It was so cool!!! Like funny and romantic...and very true!!hahahaha.. :-)
Honey and I enjoyed it. Well, actually, any movie would be really good specially if you watch it with someone special... :-*

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