Sunday, November 8, 2009

6th Month: A Letter For Honey

Dear Honey,

Happy 6th Month!!! I just wanted to tell you that you made a difference in my life. From my daily routine of getting up early, brushing my teeth then eating to opening my eyes, looking at my phone and smiling because you texted me. I was a brat to most people and you were able to tame me. I was sweet but you made me sweeter. I often times do things as I please without thinking but I learned to do things thinking about what or how it might affect you--us. It takes a lot of responsibility being in a relationship but so far... I'M NOT THAT PRESSURED AFTER ALL! You do know I hate pressure right? hahahaha... For the whole time we've been together, I didn't just have fun, we had down times and some human mistakes but by the end of the day, we still end up forgiving each other and sealing it with a warm hug and kiss. Now, we've been discussing more about our future, our life together and nothing could be better than realizing one day that I woke up, not looking for my phone and reading your text but rather seeing you face looking at me early in the morning and telling me that it's nice to wake up beside me knowing we'll have more mornings together... I love how you treat me like I'm always VIP, how you try to spend time with my brother and my sister through a simple Tekken match, movie or dinner. I also love how you try to know the few friends that I have as well as my favorite cousin. I also love the fact that you introduced me to your whole family during your birthday which made me feel nervous but secured that I am the only one now, in your life. It's also nice that you accepted me for who I am despite all my flaws and you still tell me how perfect I am for you.

I love you Honey. That's all that I can say. Words might not be enough for me to describe how you make me feel everyday and how I so thank God that I am with you now and not anybody else, how I am thankful that you didn't get married with anybody before and I'm single when you met me and that we have all the chance to be together longer... Honey, thank you for the wonderful 6 months. More months and years to come!!! Cheers!!!

Hugs and Kisses,
Angela, Your Honey

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