Sunday, November 1, 2009

Honey's Hubby Birthdate!!

Yesterday was my Honey’s birthday. I was in his house and I got the chance to meet his family in his dad’s side. Saw Tito Alex and Jovy for the 3rd time around, good things they still remember me.hahahaha…  It was my first time to meet the rest of his family, though. I met his sisters Baff and Sheena and his cousins, Aunts and Uncles and specially his grandparents.I haven’t had the chance to sleep few hours before we met up because I was way too nervous. Like seriously!!!!! This is what I call BIG DEAL for me. It does matter what his family thinks of me. It does matter what his family would say. I mean, not that our relationship would rely on other people’s opinion but with me, being family oriented, I would say that his family, liking me as his girlfriend would be a plus.

His family was really friendly and warm, even his sisters. I was mostly afraid of his sisters because in our family, the sisters are the hardest to deal with. I can’t say that they like me so much but I think they are pretty cool to be with.  I also got the chance to meet Jess, his brothers girlfriend and she was also nice to me.

Mark and I cooked the food, well actually, he did the cooking. I just washed the meat and did the slicing thingy of the veggies and fruits. Mind you, he cooks pretty well. I loved his red sauce and the white sauce. Hahahahaha. We also went to St. James Parish in their Village and attended Mass. I was pretty surprised about how it looks. Really cool.

All in all, I was pretty satisfied with the first meet up experience and I thank Honey for that. I had so much fun!!! His 29th birthday was a BLAST!!!! I love you Honey, more birthdays to come.  ( Hope you’ll be celebrating those birthdays with me! )

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