Sunday, November 1, 2009


Don't be sensitive if he doesn't smile when you say it's gonna be ok. Don't be sensitive if he says you don't understand what he was doing. Don't be hurt if he does what he wants and sometimes expects you to just understand. Don't be upset when you sometimes wonder how he feels because he wouldn't tell you specially if he's jealous. Don't be so sensitive, don't be childish.

Don't be worried if he doesn't send you long text messages unlike your first 2 months together. Don't be teary-eyed when he doesn't reply fast at your messages. Don't feel alone when he goes home early or when you have to eat alone. Don't think he doesn't love you when he's like that.

Stop being childish. Stop being self-centered. Stop thinking and reading between the lines when there isn't really anything to read at all.Stop letting go because if you do, you'd never see the end of the story. Stop waiting for the ending because really, you would just get tired waiting for what will happen in the end.

Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the hugs. Enjoy the kisses. Enjoy the time together. Enjoy everything about each other. It might not be perfect, but it will be best for you after all...

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