Sunday, December 13, 2009

Honey Was Sick

Sorry, wasn't able to blog lately. I was busy... so consumed. Honey was
badly sick last week.
He was confined at Asian Medical Hospital for the
whole week and I was really worried about him. We already went to Asian
last Sunday because of his fever that had been on and off for 4 days and
his cough and colds. It was terrible. He looked weak. Come Monday, after
meeting up with my cousin, he got worse. There were rashes all over his
body and his face was red like a tomato. When he got home, he called me up
and I forced him to go to the hospital already because his situation
doesn't look manageable anymore. We need a doctor. Baff, his sister, drove
him to the hospital and I was running out of the house so I could go. I so
appreciate my Mom's understanding that night. I just came home, it hasn't
been an hour yet and I was already running outside to see Honey again. Mom
was understanding enough to let me go to the hospital, (Usually, she would
scold me for doing so because she's the jealous type. When my sister and I
become too busy with our boyfriend, my Mom starts to get tantrums.
hahahahahaha) and even advised me to stay in with Mark for the night
because it's not safe to go home by midnight.

I got to Alabang in no time and waited for a multi-cab going to Asian but
unfortunately, I didn't find one so when I saw a service having Asian's
logo/name, I opened the door, asked if it's going to the hospital, jumped
in and asked if I need to pay for anything. The driver told me that it was
a service for employees but it's fine if I wanna be taken to the hospital.
WOW. FREE RIDE. They dropped me at the emergency area and I looked for
Mark and there he was with his sister and he was smiling when he saw me.
What a relief! He still managed to give me the sweetest smile even if he
was sick. Baff left afterwards and I stayed with Mark until he got a room
where he would be confined for several days. I was watching him sleep and
good thing I don't have work that night. Come Tuesday,I don't have clothes
and good thing I have money, I went to Festival Mall with Jovy and shopped
for a shirt, leggings and underwear. I went to work and I was
hyperventilating. I was so worried about him because he was left alone and
I can't take calls well because he was running in my mind. I was so damn
worried. I was thinking if he can breathe well or if he needed anything
and I wasn't there and I even started calling him during my breaks. I
wanted to go home--to him.
So when finally, I was out from work, I went
straight to the hospital. I saw him watching TV and I can't help but to
cuddle with him.... lot's of hugs!!!! I just missed my baby. I was there
with him the whole week. Met every visitor and I was really tired that I
snore when I sleep. But nevermind. I know he doesn't get turned off with
that.hahahahaha. 5 days. I was like married ( though I don't cook ) and
taking care of him and seeing him when I get home and spend lots of time
with him. Oh gosh!

Good thing, after several days, he got really well, no more fever. Rashes
are still there but not that bad anymore. We left the hospital yesterday
and it was relieving to see that he is all well. They took me home safely
to my mom and it was the first time that his dad ever went to my house,
well... just outside because I'm shy to let them in...too bad. :-( But
anyway, Honey sent me a thank you message. I'm glad he was happy and he
appreciated me taking care of him for the week and my Mom allowing me to
do so. :-)

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