Sunday, December 20, 2009


Yesterday, I had a reunion with my long time friends. We met at ATC and headed straight to Coffee Bean when we can't find a place at Starbucks.My long time friends who came were namely: Louise, Mark, Nico and Katherine. We met up around 4pm although it was scheduled around 3pm.hahahaha. Anyway, it had been a long time since we saw each other. We were classmates back in Grade 6, Section 1 @ Almanza Elementary School. Althought we see each other every now and then but we hadn't had the chance to sit down and chat since all of us are busy.

There were new things that I learned about my friends. Louise, who graduated in Grade 6 as 2nd Honorable Mention and attended High School at Manila Science High School, is now a Teacher at Bloomfield Academy and is teaching Biology. Katherine, who was my classmate since Grade 5, is now working for Richmonde Hotel as a Front Desk Associate. Nico, who is one of the closest friends that I have, has already graduated in Mapua and is now preparing for his board exams. He took up Mechanical Engineering, if my memory serves me right. While Marky, of course, is a student at De La Salle University-Dasma and currently taking up Civil Engineering.

I just can't believe how much we've all grown and looking back at the old times really reminds us of how long our friendship had been. During the reunion, we talked about what's new about each other and of course, the old elementary days. The PTA, the teachers, the whole class!!! And, the yearbook that looks as if the 1x1 pictures were just photocopied.hahahahaha.

We went to Center Stage @ SM Southmall after staying at Coffee Bean since we wanted to have a Videoke. The "EMO" boys sang their hearts out through songs like Bended Knees, Now and Forever and other heartbreaking songs while we, the girls, sang girly songs of course. And then, they played the song "When You're Looking Like That" by Westlife which reminded us more of our elementary days since that was one popular song at that time and of course, we can't end the day without singing "Uptown Girl" which we all used to dance through L.A. Walk after the flag ceremony.hahahahaha

The reunion was really FUN!!!!!! I swear, I want to have reunion again!!!!! Too bad some of our friends weren't able to join us. :-( But anyway, it did feel good to see people you've known for so long. :-)

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