Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Late New Year's Resolution

Since it's 2010, a New Year, it has to be a NEW LIFE for me. 2008 was good, 2009 was better and I am hoping that 2010 would be the best. I had so much fun during 2009, let me give a brief summary of how it went:

1. I was moved to a new team and I had the chance to be with nice new teammates.

2. The bad auras in the office left.

3. I had my first application for a promotion in the office. Cool Stuff.

4. I received several awards like Perfect Attendance, Most Balanced Scorecard, Best in Gallup.

5. I was able to finish my sister's last tuition for the sem. She's graduating this year!!! Weee!!!

6. I had a reunion with elementary friends.

7. The whole family had quite a good income and perfect health.

8. Jet's operation was successful.

9. My Aunt found a man who wants to marry her.

10. I had a really nice boyfriend who treats me like a queen and gave me a lot of attention and time.

For 2010, I wanted more improvements like:

1. Less Idle: 0.5%, less Wrap: 5%, Sign-On of 90.00% and Gallup of Perfect 7.

2. More time for self-pampering: Massage, foot spa, etc.

3. Keep my diet: Half rice lots of water and a glass of milk plus wheat bread.

4. Schedule a night out with friends.

5. Save money. I already have a personal savings with BDO now.

6. Go back to school and finish College.

7. Have a lot of patience as well as improvement on being discreet with feelings.

8. Nevermind the PIG in the house. She's not worth it. ( SHE'S AN ASSHOLE!.. sorry! )

9. Go to work everyday on the expected time that I'm supposed to be at work.

10. No OVERBREAKS, LATES and EXCESSIVE log-outs like before.

11. Stay in my relationship with Mark. It maybe tough but I know for a fact that it's worth it.

12. Talk to God more often.

I am looking forward to a good year. 2010 is going to be the best year for me.

" The only way for me is UP! "

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