Sunday, January 17, 2010


2010 is a year of changes for me. I had a lot of things that I had to decide on and a lot of people behind those decisions. I am experiencing drastic changes and all I can do was just say " Carry-on " because honestly, I only have 2 choices: Do good or make it bad. Anyway, here are some people that I feel would make this year worth the challenge and the hardwork:

Mom: A very loving person. You can call her strict or sometimes nagger but I love her so much!

Gladys: My sister. She's sometimes hard-headed but I love her. She knows everything about me. She's the best cheer dancer I've ever met in my whole life!

Jet: My brother. The baby of the family. A very smart kid. A natural! He's the mathematician of the family aside from his dad.

Mark: A real sweet guy. He knows me very well even if we've been together only for 8 months now. A talented photographer and excel genius.

Papa: A really nice guy. He loves my Mom so much. Owe him my education.

... and of course, the friends I have and will have this year. Thank God for these people. 2010 would be worth every hardwork. :-)

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