Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

A letter for Mom:


First, I wanna say sorry for all the headaches I've given you. I know that I am stubborn at times and I always want to prove myself to you. But nevertheless, you always understand. I feel so guilty when I do wrong because when I come home to you, you never reject me or disown me. Instead, you always accept me with open arms and give me never ending 2nd chances.

Thanks for being both a Mom and Dad to me and Gladys. It really was hard for the three of us to live after Dad left us but you were able to manage keeping the three of us together despite the challenges. Thank you for the sacrifices you made for us. The people you had to deal with, the extended work hours, the long travel you took just to see us... It was all worth it Ma. We have grown to be good people. We have learned our responsibilities and we have learned the value of hardwork. Thanks for the way you brought us up. I am proud that you are my Mom. There would be a lot of things to say but nothing beats us spending everyday together at home which would give you the feeling of how thankful we are that you are here. We might be busy all the time with our lives but we never forget you because you are the reason why we love to come home everyday. I love you Ma. Happy Mother's day!


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