Friday, May 28, 2010

I feel a hollow in my heart....

I've been feeling different lately... I don't know what exactly is wrong but I feel so different... :-(

Maybe it's because I'm about to leave an industry that I've enjoyed for 3 years. The reason is because I'm tired. Stressed. Practical. I'm tired because for those 3 years, I've been taking calls, managing accounts of customers and discussing money matters when I'm not good in my own financial management, to be quite honest, although, I'm not as bad as some of them are. I'm stressed because of the office politics, the martial law and too much bombardment of info, processes and rules... I'm being practical in a sense that I have accepted the fact already that the industry that I've joined is not for long term because I will be having a family soon, I need a normal life: work during the day and be with my family by night.

I am very thankful to the Call Center Industry because it helped me build my self confidence, it helped become professional and a fast learner. It helped me send my sister to College until she graduated and it also helped me enroll and go back to College and start aiming for a degree in Management. It is not eaasy to say goodbye... no.. it was never easy. But each time a door closes, I believe that another door opens for me. I want to broaden my horizon...explore other jobs and enhance my talent. I believe that there's a lot to learn and at my age, 22, opportunities are plenty... I love everyething that I have learneed and will keep them for the rest of my life. It has been a pleasure being part of the industry. Thank you..... :-)

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