Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Batangas Getaway!!!!

These are the pix from my reunion with a good friend, Nico Deus Villafranca. He was top 6 from the ME Board Exams this year and I'm so proud of him!!! Janella, Kath, Marky, Nico and I have been friends since elementary and it was really nice having to celebrate occasions like this together. We went to Nasugbu, Batangas and stayed overnight in his house along with his College friends from Mapua. Had few drinks, videoke and swimming. The exciting part was we had the chance to discuss matters which we haven't talked about in years through truth or dare. Nico will be working in Cebu for two years since the company that sponsored his scholarship is based in Cebu. We will miss him and ofcourse, we all promised to keep the friendship wherever we go. Good Luck Nico on your new journey as an employee and Congratulations on being one of the best in your Board Exams!!!! :-)

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