Saturday, July 10, 2010

7 Things That Will Make Me Happy

1. Vanilla Ice Cream in a large cone. When i feel bad, I just feel like eating ice cream for the reason that it relaxes me and makes me feel cooler.

2. Textmate. I badly need an unknown textmate. Someone who hasn't seen me or met ,me before so he/she won't judge me for my actions.

3. A Strong Person. Someone who can handle the twists and turns of my attitude. The emotions and mood swings. I just need the right kind of understanding.

4. A cup of coffee with a long time friend. I just want to talk about my life. Be my diary at the same time react, feel free to speak and relate.

5. An effective sleeping pills. i want to sleep for 24 hours as if I'm dead. Juts get away with all the problems and the people who can't seem to hear me when I speak. It's hard to explain yourself every now and then. It's hard to prove results when you haven't even started yet.

6. A plate and a vacant lot with a big wall. I wanna break plates and scream and shout. I am in so much pain. I want to break free.

7. I want people who would love me at worst and after this, i will give them my best. Just stay as I get over this "drama queen" stage. I know I'm bitchy lately. maybe it's my way to say " BACK OFF IF YOU'RE NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO HANDLE ME".

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