Saturday, July 3, 2010

Writing is a Lifetime Vocation

I was supposed to have a break in TV as part of a creative group but, unfortunately, I opted not to attend during the last minute. Not because of a better offer elsewhere, but because of what I believe. I thought about it the whole night.

I am writer I guess, since the day I was born. Mom and dad are wide readers and they asked me to read good books of my interest or at least the Sunday newspaper or some articles. I never complained because for no reason at all, I find myself enjoying those. I have a big collection of storybooks which has stories of Cinderella and Snowhite of different versions and I find each of them fascinating in their own way. I write poems and make diaries or letters to unknown readers just in a piece of paper and leave it somewhere hoping that a lucky reader would be able to take a glimpse of it and realize something good still exists in this world.Come grade 6, with not much awareness, I was selected as a feature writer which gave me more practice in the field. I was not a winner in the contest that I joined but I know, I have inspired a lot with my stories because even my teachers back then would tell my stories to the batches next to mine. My sister woud read my poems of love and cry nto because of the story that she imagines ot of it but because of the feeling that the poem had shared her.

I created a good storyline for TV which allowed me to get a chance for a trial brainstorm which could be the start of a good career but I thought about how much I love writing. I write becaue it's what defines me. I write because I love to and because there is something to write about. But I cannot write as a job... because as my bestfriend in high school told me, writing is not just a career, it's a lifetime vocation. I can write when I'm old, whether my writings are published or not, I will continue to inspire people.

I am looking for a better career. I want to be a Manager for a good company bt then, I will write and inspire people of my experience back when I am nothing but a girl who wants to write until she can.

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