Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yippie!!! It's already Friday!!! I'm so excited because by tomorrow, we might be dropping by SMX to check on the Kapamilya Go Negosyo and find out what's latest in business. To be honest, I do want to have my own business soon, like a food cart of my own. I can see that it's the type of business which doesn't require much of my time and effort as upon franchising a food cart, most would already be supplying training, people and location for those who will be getting the franchise. Plus, I saw on tv how that kind of business is booming right now due to the fact that Filipinos love to eat and that Filipinos love going to malls where food carts are. :-)

I want to try to be a Manager of my own business. I am so inspired to make it big, MY WAY. :-)

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