Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Office

I'm so bored right now so I decided to think about things happening in my life. The things that happened to me are mostly out of my control but hey, I don't blame myself for anything nor do I blame other people. I'm just happy right now that all those things happened which made me realize where God wants me to be.

After the Call Center job, I wasn't sure of what I wanted in life. I want this and that but really, I just want a fulfilling career. I want to find a job that fits who I am... something that would continue to capture my interest no matter what. I hate being limited to a specific task because I think, limits should not be set for employees so everyone gets to know more of what he or she is capable of. I applied at different jobs and spent a month being jobless and lost.

Now, I'm in the new office. Working at my desk. I'm with Optia Partners International. It was a surprise as this company's industry is basically for Recruitment and Staffing which was my main target ever since and that goal led me to taking up Management ( I wanted Psychology but it wasn't possible for home study programs so I took the next closest course ). I did not understand what I was appying for, really. But I told the interviewers which are now my bosses here that I am willing to do any job. They gave me a shot. Not that I am confident that I can but because I want a new line of job and I was directed to this company for a reason that only God knows.

Now, I'm here already for a month and I can say that while adjustments are being made on my end, I feel that I am happy with this job. I have a feeling that I am going to last years here even if it takes harsh words or difficulties in the job, I'm not giving up. I want this. I need this. I've already made good friends with most of my new officemates, I've got a good schedule and the pay is also good for a day job. This is way more than I have expected. I am thankful that God helped me find this. Whatever His reasons are, I thank Him for this opportunity.

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