Thursday, September 2, 2010

What a Surprise

I dropped by Honey's place last night after work. We were cuddling and chatting and then suddenly, he told me that he's gonna show me something that I might be surprised to see ( I asked him if I would be annoyed of what I'll be seeing before I allowed hum to show it to me ). And so he showed me a message in Facebook from his ex, Nikki. She was apologizing for what she did and was offering her friendship. I replied:

"I read the message you sent to Mark. To be honest with you, I wasn't surprised. I felt the same way few months back, I wanted to text you and at least clear things up. I wasn't a rude or bitchy girl for real, like the one you have encountered last year. I just don't like the way you spoke to Mark and the way you were making things work out for you regardless of other people around him being affected. I'm also sorry for acting that way. Now as for you and Mark, I can't say that both of you can already be friends just like before but at least I can say that Mark and I have already moved on with our lives and totally forgot what happened between the three of us. We are already very happy with what we have and we hope that you are experiencing the same happiness with Jon. We( I mean Mark or I ) can't offer the same friendship that you are offering but let me just say that we are not keeping any grudges towards you as well. Let's all just move on with our lives and just let things happen as they are planned by God. Who knows, there might be a good chance in the future to have that "friendship" so let's just allow God to help us find our way towards that."

She replied this morning:

Thanks Anj, apology accepted. It would also be nice, though, to hear from Mark as well. As for the friendship thing, no worries...i totally respect your wishes. As long as there are no ill feelings towards anybody, then all is good. That is, after all, what we truly hope to attain from this.Yes, indeed I am very happy with Jon as well. With our marriage and baby soon to come, there's nothing else more we could hope for.ü

With that said, may we all move forward hereon and live our blessed lives with the peace this has granted everyone. God bless.

cc: Mark Medina

Oh well, I'm not mad at her I was just annoyed of her attitude which is utterly different. Anyway, and so... as she said, she's having a baby. Fine. For the baby, I'm willing to forget how annoying she is. Promise. No hard feelings. Anyway, I'm happy right now with Mark and that's gonna be nothing compared to all the love and blessings that I've been getting. It was a surprise, really. A good surprise that finally, someone realized how she had wronged other people and had the courage to even apologize. I just hope that she learned a lot from the experience.

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