Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Break-Up Story

First time, I think we're gonna end up............. Yeah, I know I just posted about staying in my relationship and keeping it strong but let's just take it this way, RELATIONSHIPS END. No matter how har we try, it just comes to a point that one or the other doesn't want to proceed. It's painful, yes. But we can't take conrtrol of everything. Soon, once it has ended, you can just look back on what you did and what you didn't. It's called self-assessment. You study what flwas the relationship had which you weren't able to see because you are still in the relationship and there's this denial stage when you just don't want to take things that way...

WHO SAYS IT'S EASY TO LET GO? No matter how bad the relationship was, there definitely was a reason why you stayed. There was something that held you back.

WHO SAYS IT HAS TO BE PERFECT? No relationship is perfect. Even Romeo and Juliet's weren't. Even our relationship with God sometimes comes at a rocky point.

WHO WANTS TO BE HAPPY? Everyone does.

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