Sunday, October 10, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

CHristmas is soooooo near. I can smell it in the air. Right now, I just want to take sometime thinking about my very own wishlist.Hmmm.. something to look forward to on Christmas. :-)

1. High-tech point and shoot cam- one that I can use for my blog. I love going to places and eating food and blogigng about those of course. To help enhance the blogging experience, I super need a reliable and handy cam. Saving memories is a MUST for me.

2. My very own Notebook/laptop. I want my own Notebook, a pink one, which I can use for internet surfing anytime.

3. A new cellphone. I want a new 3g phone with wi-fi. I so love the fact that I can stay connected anytime, anywhere( well, anywhere with wi-fi access of course. )

4. A comfy pillow. I always want a new pillow every Christmas. It's because working at an early age, I sooo value lots of rest and sleep. A comfy pillow as a gift would be perfect. ( I want a big one!!! )

5. A hotel accomodation. I need that because for sure, after Christmas, I need a good vacation to start my year 2011. :-)

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