Thursday, January 6, 2011

Close to COOL

What could be the coolest thing ever? For a working girl like me, nothing can be cooler than shopping and pampering myself on payday. I thought that would be it. But, I received the COOLEST news ever in my career. I WILL BE WORKING WITH STYLIST JODI SAM and INTERNATIONAL FASHION MODEL MARCO SULIMA!!! OK. I'm overwhelmed. But of course, I am going to miss the Medical Devices Industry that I've been with for a month or so and also the cool Consultants that I have worked with. At the same time, I am excited with the new challenge that's coming my way. I will be working for the Fashion and Luxury team. Yes, FASHION. OMG. That's my obsession ever since I was a little girl. I sooo love it that I decided to try modeling way back when and now, I'm working on my photography skills using a point and shoot camera that's more upgraded than usual.

The world is full of surprises! I am so excited and nervous because they are Pro's when it comes to fashion but nevertheless, Marco said that he and Jodi will teach me a lot of stuff about it. WOW 1 million times!!!!! hahahahahaha.

I hope I make it good. :-) Wish me luck people!!!!

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