Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family vs Boyfriend

This had been an issue for a long time already. Have you ever read Romeo and Juliet ( Which I'm sure you're already aware about )? Anyway, you are correct. It's almost like it. Not because our families are mortal enemies but basically because my Mom wants someone she thinks would be better than who I'm with now. She expects a lot from the choices I make and she believes I have the ability to get better things in life and even a man way better than my Dad. Unfortunately, to her dismay, I am the type of girl who doesn't like high expectations in this life because I have failed many times and I know that I can't have the best in everything and I'm happy about it because I know, it's God's way to keep on the ground and understand that He is the only one who can give the best for me.

My Mom and my boyfriend has this ego. Nobody wants to give way and back down. It's their nature. I on the other hand, had to take all that they have to say. I'm standing between two mountains that are banging against each other and I feel like a battered woman already. But I'm not complaining and I'm trying to stay in between as much as I can. Sometimes I wish I'd just die so it'll all end between them and I wouldn't have to make a choice as well because honestly, I don't want either of them to go. Call me masochistic for I enjoy the pain of love because that's when I realize it's value. I wouldn't cry for something that doesn't mean anything to me.

It's just sad that sometimes, complete happiness is hard to find. There's pain and sacrifice to make it work. Who's willing to do that for me?

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