Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming 2011

This is my first post for the year 2011. I guess it has been a tradition to make a New Year's Resolution every year. But before I proceed to mine, I want to look back on the New year's Resolution I had last year and see what went well.

1. Less Idle: 0.5%, less Wrap: 5%, Sign-On of 90.00% and Gallup of Perfect 7.
-Met. But I had to resign.

2. More time for self-pampering: Massage, foot spa, etc.
-Got my hair rebonded plus I spent time with friends. :-)

3. Keep my diet: Half rice lots of water and a glass of milk plus wheat bread.
-oopppsss.... epic fail. :-(

4. Schedule a night out with friends.
-done. went to Republiq.

5. Save money. I already have a personal savings with BDO now.
-invested in the stock market. just a small amount but again, it's still an investment. :-)

6. Go back to school and finish College.
-enrolled at AIDE last March. :-)

7. Have a lot of patience as well as improvement on being discreet with feelings.
-ooppppsssss... a little work on this.

8. Nevermind the PIG in the house. She's not worth it. ( SHE'S AN ASSHOLE!.. sorry! )
-can't remember who this A.H. was.

9. Go to work everyday on the expected time that I'm supposed to be at work.
-always. forever. :-D

10. No OVERBREAKS, LATES and EXCESSIVE log-outs like before.
-always. for life. :-D

11. Stay in my relationship with Mark. It maybe tough but I know for a fact that it's worth it.
-done. :-D

12. Talk to God more often.
- yes, definitely. :-D

.............. And now, this 2011, I guess I wanted to keep it simple.

1. More Faith
2. More Wisdom
3. More Understanding
4. More Patience
5. Peace.

I know that 2010 had been a challenging year, asking me for more than what I can offer. But it made me improve and made me a stronger person than what I was. I believe that I'm ready for 2011. :-)

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