Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tagaytay Weekend

I went to Tagaytay early morning last Saturday. Honey and I planned to go there to relax and have an early Valentine's day celebration. Our first stop was at Caleruega ( check this website out: ). It was a nice church with retreat houses nearby/ within the area. It serves as a nice place for photoshoots and of course, weddings. It was my first time to go there. I was overwhelmed with the cool breeze of the air and the quietness of the place. The church was located at the top ( the area is quite high ) so we had to go up the great stone stairs and when we got to the church all I could say was WOW. The church was small which is good or an intimate wedding. It was clean inside and outside and I was taken by the images infront which were of glass and you can see light passing through those images which added more "holiness" in the ambience of the church. After taking pictures in it's garden we went off to Tagaytay Zoo. The zoo wasn't that appealing to me so I won't say much about it. Anyway, after that, we headed off to have lunch at Mushroom Burger! ( Check out to see reviews )

After a great lunch, we decided to go to the hotel. We were booked at One Tagaytay Place ( ). Although we're supposed to check in around 2PM, we were there around 1PM because we were already tired. While waiting, we decided to check the infinity pool. It was really cold and breezy there. Open-air and great beach seats. After that, we decided to go for a walk around the hotel. We checked out the lounge on the 3rd floor, the gym, the game room and the resto. 2PM and the room was ready. We got room 412. We had a queen sized bed, ref and sofa with flat screen TV. We also have lanai and aircondition of course and a nice bathroom with hot and cold shower. Sleep was the first thing we did when we got to the room. It was soooo cozy that we didn't manage to get up and go out anymore until we got hungry and had our nice dinner in the hotel. The hotel prepared a buffet dinner at the 3rd floor lounge where all the other guests who availed the Valentine's Promo would be dining in. The dinner was great as they served tomato-based dishes ( for more info and pics check out ). After a great dinner, we went to Cliffhouse to have dessert. While strolling and taking lovely pictures, we felt really cold and decided to grab a hot drink at Cafe Breton. He got a hot calamansi juice and I got hot choco and Mango with Chocolate Syrup Crepe. After that, we headed back to the hotel to rest.

Morning, we got up past 7 and went to the lounge for our buffet breakfast. Our check out time was 12PM so we started fixing our stuff while watching movies then we headed out. We had lunch at the picnic grove and then, tried the cable car. It was cool. Scary and exciting at the same time. It costs P300 per person and that's just one way. Quite expensive but it was worth the try.

For our pasalubong, we went to Good Shepherd to get ube and buko pies as well as polvoron. I was so excited to go home because I know the people at home are already excited to have a taste of what I brought.

The Tagaytay weekend was fun! I'm looking forward to our next stop. ( see pictures on the next post )

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