Sunday, May 22, 2011

HAPPY 23rd Birthday To Me!

Today is my 23rd birthday. Of course, I am very happy. I've been celebrating over the weekend already. Saturday morning, I was at the beach ( Puerto Galera ) with Kath and soon after a couple more friends came : Honeylet, Lean and Jerick. Honeylet was my classmate and friend since I was in grade 3. We were classmates, bus mates and neighbors. Lean and Jerick on the other hand were also from the same school as me and Honeylet. Basically, the beach thing was for Honeylet's homecoming and my birthday. I'm so happy she came home!

So, going to the exciting part, we did the banana boat ride. We were thrown in to the deep part of the water and we panicked! haha. Although we were wearing life jackets but still, the fact that you can't touch the ground is sooooo scary! But it was fun. That night, we had videoke, we went to the beach to drink and we went home drunk! hahaha. Morning was scheduled for fish feeding and island hopping. We got home around 8PM.

Next story would be this morning. I saw Mark. I missed him. At least, I saw him and I was able to hug him and he said happy birthday to me. Oh, and he did greet me Happy Birthday around midnight.


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