Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary!

Dear Honey,

Happy 24th Month to us! I know I don't deserve the right to greet you because we are no longer together but nevertheless, I will because I want to cherish the best thing we had since we met each other.

Courtship was never something we had gone through. Maybe we clicked right away. We were attracted and we had great conversations. May 9, 2009, we became a couple and from then on, we learned a lot of things about each other. Your favorite color is blue. You always fart. You snore when you're tired. You sneeze a lot. You fall asleep easily and awake easily. You can do everything but wash the clothes. You love photography and you love watching videos on youtube. You save a lot of money. You're good in budgeting. When you're mad, you're mad. You get annoyed because of traffic. You listen to rock and acoustic songs. You don't like being absent for work. You are romantic although you seldom show that part of you. You are cheesy and you just love telling me mushy lines.

There are still a lot that I have discovered about you but it's gonna take me a lifetime to say that I know exactly who you are but at least, I'm happy that I know some part of you. One thing I won't ever forget though, would be our quiet Sunday afternoons when we just stay at your apartment to watch dvd's even if the movies weren't the latest ones. The vacations we had from Caylabne, the first ever vacation we had a week after we became a couple to Island Cove which was our 100th Day Celebration to Boracay which was our 11th Month Celebration to tagaytay which was our Valentine's Day Celebration this year.

Mark, whether you fell out of love or you just decided that you can't see yourself settling down, it doesn't matter. I love you and I care for you and that won't ever change. If that means being just a friend for you, the so be it. I will wait as long as I can and if I can't then for sure, the right one will come just in time. Keep in mind that I'm not the type of person who gives up even when I'm in pain. I fight with all my strength and faith. Once we get through this, we would just look back at this chapter of the relationship and laugh at it. just as how you imagined as we sat in the sofa of our office building, we will grow old together, spend quiet afternoons and continue watching dvd's.

Again, Happy Anniversary and I love you!


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