Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Mission

I guess, my time with Mark can't be over just yet. I just realized, no matter how difficult he is, I should not give up on him because I know that even if he is rude to me now, there's still something good in him. I don't know if this is still love or what but what I'm sure of is that he is the person I asked from God.

I remembered praying for God over and over to give me a difficult person, like maybe a convicted person or something... Someone who is going through something in this life that not even the society or religion can change. I realized it's my purpose. I'm here because there's someone to change. There is a life I should touch. I sometimes forget that purpose when I get hurt, when I'm too busy thinking about my life.

I met him. Yes, he is the person sent to me for me to improve. He was sent to me so I can touch his life. Not because he is meant for me but because He deserves all my prayers. He is a difficult person.. Full of pride, ego and he just wants to stand and live for himself. Not anybodyelse. One thing I learned is that people need other people to survive. No matter how hard you try to live by yourself, time will come that you will need someone. Time will come that I won't be feeling anything for him but definitely, I will be here for him no matter what. I just pray that someday, he will realize why I'm here.....

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