Friday, June 10, 2011

100 Things About Me That You Didn't Know

1. I was a feature writer for our school sentinel back in grade 6.

2. I was a consistent honor student. I was 4th in Preparatory, 6th back in grade 6 and I was 2nd honorable mention back in high school.

3. I was a Dean's lister/scholar back in college.

4. I used to be a very shy girl but people interpreted it as being a snob.

5. My eyes are brown.

6. I have always been fascinated about the idea of writing journals thus, when online blogs started, I created one for myself.

7. One thing I love doing is writing poems.

8. When I started working for Call Centers, I didn't know how to use a computer.

9. One of my adventures back in college was skipping NSTP class and go biking with some classmates at baywalk.

10. I love chicken adobo and chicken curry.

11. The only veggies I eat are broccoli, cauliflower, squash, beans, carrots and lettuce.

12. My all-time favorite color is red.

13. I'm a daydreamer.

14. I have a little scar in my palm because of a firecracker accident when I was young.

15. I am starting to have grey hair in as early as my age now, 23.

16. I'm not so fond of putting makeup. I just do it when I have to.

17. My dream car is a porsche.

18. I love talking to people. It's like reading different sets of biographies.

19. I don't like arguing with people so tendency is, when you say something, I just shut up.

20. I love buying shoes.But I only get to use very few pairs.

21. I have fear of blood.

22. I love kids.

23. I love singing sad songs even if I'm a happy person.

24. I know how to play the flute. In fact, that's the only instrument I can play.

25. I'm a die-hard fan of gossip girl and any girly show.

26. The only action movies I can watch are those starring Angelina Jolie.

27. I love my zodiac sign : Gemini.

28. I can't leave the house without a blush on.

29. I have a thick, wavy hair. Thanks to rebonding technology my hair issue was resolved.

30. I am a fan of Kim Kardashian.

31. I love watching romance movies like The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, Time Traveller's Wife, P.S. I Love You, The Wedding Singer, Eat,Pray,Love, Sweet November, One More Chance, My Amnesia Girl, I Love You Goodbye, etc.

32. My voice range is Alto.

33. I wanted to play the guitar but I can't.

34. I'm a frustrated beauty queen.

35. I have never failed a job interview since I decided I wanted to have a job.

36. I'm a 100% go-getter with anything ( Work, Boys, Grades, everything )

37. I believe in the power of the mind. Whatever you think of comes true as long as you put concentration/focus on it.

38. I love chocolates. Good thing I don't get pimples from eating them.

39. My Dad was a Lawyer born in Bicol who took the bar exams only once. He's a really smart guy and I must've inherited that.

40. I wanted to be a Lawyer when I was young but when I started working I realized, I wanted to be part of the Human Resources Department and so I landed my job now.

41. My all-time favorite fashion pieces are my Gold Pumps and skinny jeans.

42. I am allergic to perfumes/colognes.

43. I have been looking for a nice red bag and shoes forever. Does anybody know where I can get the perfect red stuff that I want?

44. I don't usually wear lipstick as my lips are already pink specially when the weather is cold.

45. Between Heat and Mavs, I'm with Heat. Between Lakers and Celtics, I'm with Lakers.

46. My all-time favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan.

47. When I was young, I was a fan of the Spice Girls, Steps, The Corrs, Backstreet Boys and Boyzone.

48. I can be a good friend but a really mean enemy because I don't forgive betrayal.

49. I have very few friends but I am 100% sure they are worth my friendship.

50. I dream of a beach wedding with very limited guests.

51. I wanna experience being part of a social welfare group.

52. My First Crushes in school were Voltaire then Raymond Ang who were both classmates of mine in Kostka.

53. I was so ugly between grade 6-3rd year high school. Those were the days...

54. I did have pimples back when I was first year high school then it disappeared in time. No marks on the face.

55. I rarely eat pork and beef.

56. I love chicken isaw.

57. Of all car show models, I wanted to become the sister of Gwyneth Ceridwen. She looks like a really cool "Ate" ( older sister ).

58. I get so impressed with smart guys, nerd or not as long as they are smart.

59. My weakness would be a conservative, loyal, honest man who has a strong personality and can give me direction as I tend to lose focus at times.

60. I am more comfortable around older guys. They are wiser and more gentle.

61. I am more comfortable hanging out with people who laugh easily.

62. It's easy to make me laugh.

63. Most of my friends are people whom are snobbish just like me. I guess, that's what we have in common.

64. I am sometimes tactless.

65. It is my dream to travel in and out of the country.

66. I am a Filipina with Japanese and Russian blood.

67. I thought I wasn't good in Math but when I see my grades, I come to think I might be good at it. It's just that it wasn't my favorite subject.

68. I received a grade of 98 in my report card in Chemistry. Take note, that was a high grade compared to the usual grades being given in public schools. And when I got that grade, I wasn't even running for Valedictorian.

69. I'm a wide reader. I read magazines, books and even wikipedia.

70. I wanna learn a lot of languages. Part of my list would be Spanish, Nihonggo and Mandarin.

71. I can't live without music.

72. If I were to be stranded in an Island, I'd be able to survive as long as I have my Blackberry, a pen and notebook, a good book, cookies, milk and earphones.

73. Another weakness: swimmers. I am so impressed with guys who can swim as I am not so good at it. I can swim like a dog though. :)

74. I so love riding horses even if that means I'll hurt my butt.

75. I've been riding horses since I was a little girl.

76. I'm fond of city lights.

77. My dream date: On top of a building where I can see the city lights. Roses. wine and a guy who's smart enough to keep the conversation going.

78. My favorite body part... lips. But, I love my entire face.

79. Favorite male body part: Eyes. Small to medium eyes. NO LARGE BULKY EYES unless he looks really good with it.

80. I don't like guys with too much muscles. A Boy-next-door type would be great.

81. A lot people told me I look like Toni Gonzaga/Abby Tereza( Dimsum )

82. I am so poor in drawing.

83. I love reading the greek mythology.

84. I am fond of vamipre stories and witch craft.

85. I have faith in God but not the church.

86. My first ever job was in a Call Center.

87. I took a shot in modelling when I was 18.

88. I was never a muse in class.

89. I used to have a bob haircut with bangs or a short layered hair. I just had long hair when I started working.

90. I love shopping. Every girl does. But, when I go to the mall, I usually have an idea already of what I want to buy so I'm the type who doesn't spend long hours shopping.

91. I have a lot of guy friends that sometimes, I can't identify if a guy likes me as a friend or as a potential girlfriend until he tells me.

92. I can bake butterscotch brownies.

93. My favorite magazine is Preview Mag.

94. I follow the blogs of Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, Camille Co and Daryl Chang

95. I was a spoiled brat until my Dad died.

96. I love eating gummy bears.

97. I can eat pasta all year round.

98. I've enrolled in the gym only once in my entire life.

99. I was so thin before that I never thought I'd gain as much weight as I've gained now.

100. My number one priority is to make my family happy even if it I am a bit stubborn sometimes.

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