Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So, how's Anj these past few days? Hmm... I just want to ask myself and realize if I'm ok, if I'm still hurt or if I've already moved on.

Dfinitely, the recent relationship I had was a whirlwind. Emotions were intense and I can say we got to the point that we were so serious, we forgot about little things that mattered to us when we first became a couple. I just hope he is fine right now and if he's dating, I just wish, he found a better girl than me.

So, going back to me. I guess I'm at the stage again when I am thankful and contented. I don't know if I'm happier alone or not but one thing is for sure, I am now looking in all directions, which is my forte. I love having options. I love new things. I love possibilities and opportunities. I love challenging myself. I love adventure and sometimes, I get bored easily with things except work. I love my job. In fact, of all things, my job now has caught the gemini in me. Other than that, I am in search of fast, constant change in my life. I don't care about the ups and downs. I am in search for knowledge and wisdom and ups and downs would be part of it.

I also want to discover myself and my destiny. I know I am not meant to have a life as stagnant as this. I know there is something better out there and I just gotta explore. I met someone recently who has almost the same ideals that I have. Not that I am already interested in him in a romantic way but let's say, he caught my interest because he is a very intellectual person who also believes in destiny. He is a hopeless romantic too and I find many things that we have in common. We will see how this goes. But definitely, this person makes me smile on a daily basis. At least, someone who talks like there's no tomorrow seems fun enough for me. :)

I am enjoying the single life. It had never been this better. I've been single several times, moved in and out of relationships but this part is the most exciting part. I am 23, I have a great career ahead of me and I am single.


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