Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So, yesterday was a very surprising day for me. Actually, I always get surprised when someone I don't know adds me up in facebook or sends me a private message telling me I'm pretty or they wanted me to add them up. That resulted to me creating a second account which was open to anyone since my first account was created for people that I have worked with, relatives, officemates and friends in other words, a private account. So anyway, I have a lot of pending friend requests in my private account and I wanted to add them up but in my second account just so i can still keep my privacy and still be friendly to people who wanted to be friends with me. So, yesterday I was a bit surprised to receive a message from someone.. read below:

ANONYMOUS 3:31am Jun 15

ate anj pede add mu ko:))

Anj Saura 4:24am Jun 15

Ok sure! :)

ANONYMOUS 6:39am Jun 15

thnk :)
pu2nta k rn po sa event??

Anj Saura 6:40am Jun 15

Ung sa bumper 2 bumper?

ANONYMOUS 7:00am Jun 15

yup :)

Anj Saura 7:07am Jun 15

Not sure pa eh. Haha. Naghahanap pa ako ng kasama ko. :)

ANONYMOUS 7:10am Jun 15

ayy gnun la ka ksma :)
ako nlng heheh
papicture dn ako sau ha :)

Anj Saura 7:13am Jun 15

Haha. :) sure cge just tell me when u see me. :)

ANONYMOUS 7:14am Jun 15

cge2 :)
bka my bf kna awayn ako.

Anj Saura 7:15am Jun 15

Haha. Wala naman. Teka,hindi ako car show model ha. Haha

ANONYMOUS 7:20am Jun 15

anu nmn msma b magpapic sau :)
bkt nmn wala?

Anj Saura 7:22am Jun 15

Haha. Baka lang akala mo car show model ako. Hehehe. Wala eh. Busy po ako sa work. Hehe

So anyway, the conversation was quite long but that was what surprised me. Someone wanted to have a picture with me! hahaha. Celebrity much? Hahahaha. Kidding. But I do appreciate people messaging me expressing appreciation about me. Thank you! :)

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