Thursday, June 2, 2011


Last night was bonding night for me and my friends in the office. We have been teasing Eloisa about treating us there for quite sometime now because she's got so many placements. Luckily, Ate Kat offered to share an amount for teh treat since she also got her placement fee. So, Me, Chee, RC, El and Ate Kate went to Saisaki/ Dad's for dinner.

We were on a strict diet for weeks now and seeing really appetizing food in front of me made me want to cut my diet. Sushi, Tempura and desserts everywhere! I didn't get rice but I had a lot of tempura, squid, crabsticks and sushi in my plate! Plus, I got bottomless ice tea which comes with a plush soccer ball! Cute!

Here are some pictures from the dinner ♥♥♥

With Our Plush Balls
The Ex-lovers rekindling the past ♥
The Acoustic band that sang Just The Way You Are, Born This Way and You Belong With Me to us

... And the desserts!

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